The concept behind Por que no? Gourmet Restaurant may very well be a customer’s dream: you tell the chef what you want to eat and he’ll cook it for you. Need some tips? No problem! We’ll let you know what the best ingredients of the season are, and will be happy to suggest some dishes if you’re not sure about what you want.

Here in Por que no? we like to offer an assortment of Mexican dishes that is second to none. We use the freshest ingredients of the season to create Aztec flavored meals from central Mexico, Mayan dishes from the Yucatan peninsula or Olmec food from Veracruz and Tabasco, just to mention a few; Mexico is a big country and as such flavors are as varied as it’s geography. Add to this the unique creations from our Chef and you’ll be able to try a different meal every day of the year!

At Por que no? we pride on offering customers what you feel like enjoying while you’re here. We’ll have a menu when you come but ultimately it’s you who will decide what you want to eat with the available ingredients. Let the chef cook for you!

gourmet saladtripadvisor recommendedLocated right on Nuevo Vallarta’s beautiful marina spend a wonderful evening enjoying the views and natural scenery with great company, whilst indulging in flavors you will want to have more of.